• Huaneng Yangluo power plan Co.,ltd
  • Weihai thermal power plan 135MW unit
  • Huaneng weihai thermal power plan 300MW unit
  • Baotou third thermal power plan 300MW unit
  • Huaneng yueyang thermal power plan 300MW unit
  • Qiandong thermal power plan 600MW unit
  • Huaneng international power Co.Ltd ,xindian power 225MW unit
  • Hebi tongli power Co. Ltc 300MW unit
  • Indonesia thermal power plan 60MW unit
  • Erdos power and metallurgy Co.,Ltd
  • Guangxi fangcheng port power plant 600MW unit
  • Sino aluminum international huayin aluminum and thermal power plan 60MW unit
  • Anhui huadian wuhu power Co.Ltd 660 MW unit
  • Datang Taiyuan second thermal power plan 300MW unit
  • Datang Jiamusi second power plant 300MW unit
  • SDIC Lop Lake sylvite Co.Ltd thermal power plant 30MW unit
  • Kaimen sanmenxia aluminum Co.Ltd power plant 30MW unit
  • Weihai xijiao thermal power plant
  • Yantai power plant
  • Shandong haihua group thermal power plant厂
  • Qinhuangdao thermal power plant
  • Zhalantun thermal power plant
  • Chifeng pingzhuang thermal power Co.,Ltd
  • Qinshan nuclear power station
  • Jiaxing power plant
  • Anyang Datang power Co.,Ltd
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